The best time of the year is when Christmas is around, with all the beautiful lights lighting up our spirits, presents, joy, family, the delicious food and the essence of the holiday mood give you the best feeling in the world.

The one thing which we all do is try and decorate our homes to get the Christmasy feel.

The holidays can become very hectic, and you might be hassling around to get gifts and other things. Christmas is when you decorate your house with lights and other things, The following are some ways in which you can decorate your home during Christmas.

Christmas Tree:

Christmas Tree

You can choose to form a broad range of option of trees either plastic or real to start your tree decorations. Earlier the belief was to preserve trees which were dying in the cold; people began to bring trees into their homes to symbolize protecting life.

As days went by this practice slowly started to change and is now called as the Christmas tree. People love to decorate the tree, families, and friends gather to set the tree up.

The best combination to decorate the tree is with golden and red glitter gift balls which shine when the light reflects on them. It will be good if you fill all the branches of the tree alternatively with golden and red balls. You can also add on little golden stars to the decorations. If you want your tree to be more colorful, then you can hang colorful balls and stars on the tree. To make your tree more creative, you can use long glittery threads which you can spin around the tree for a luxurious look.

You can spray fake snow on the tree or keep cotton balls on the tree so that it looks like real snow; you can also hang plastic snow flakes on the tree. The Christmas tree is never complete without the star on the top, so make sure that you never forget to place a star on the top of the tree.

Wreaths on the door:

Wreaths on the door

Wreaths on the doors symbolizes strength. This wreath is usually made of ever greens which are said to sustain even the harshest cold climatic conditions.

During Christmas people hang these wreaths in front of their door. In olden days these wreaths were made out of evergreen leaves, but now you get many colorful designs in the super market. The wreaths are also available in plastic with many designs and colors.



Candles are perfect when it comes to Christmas decorations, there are many scented candles which smells great and also looks great with bright colors. You can use these candles to light up your house to give it an antique look.

Snow Man:

Snow Man

You can build a snow man outside your residence with snow and tie a scarf around its neck. You can also use sticks for the hands of the snowman.