Everyone loves to keep our home clean and neat. We try to paint it with our favorite themes and colors.  We all decorate our homes with our inspirations. But most of the times we make some mistakes in decorating our homes with our inspirations. Here are few tips to avoid such mistakes and tips to avoid those mistakes and things you need to do to decorate your home to look the best.


Dos and Don’ts

Do’s:  Invest in high-quality furniture so that your living room looks luxurious and elegant. Sometimes it hurts to see the prices of the high-quality furniture, but it is an excellent investment. You can use it for a long time and also the furniture is high, and you need not spend on altering or repairing it later.

Don’t:  Do not place your furniture in a crowded manner. You can also walk around freely in-between the furniture.

DO’s: Choose paint colors that enhance the look of the room. Choosing mild colors which are matching to your furniture can bring up the look in your room. You can also paint your walls with designs, or you can mix and match your favorite color to make the best combinations. Try not to make it look too bright.

Don’t: Do not use white pants or white rugs if you have kids or pets at home, as kids tend to draw on the walls or spill food or other things on the floor or rugs. You will have to repaint the walls and change the carpets regularly.

Do:  If you are a person who travels a lot, then try to collect souvenirs from that place and decorate your rooms with themes of the places you visit. You can take pictures of your adventures and frame it with beautiful wooden frames that match the wall color.

Don’t: Try not to overdo the themes, you may be inspired by your travel but make sure that you create a home atmosphere and not a museum. Don’t cluster up photo frames; align them with perfect spaces in a way that it looks simple and neat.

Do’s:  In your kid’s rooms, you can decorate the walls or the ceiling with glow in the dark stickers which glow when you switch the lights off. You can buy the stickers based on your child’s interest, and these labels can also help if your child is afraid of the dark.

Don’t:  Do not use bright lightings. Bright lights can cause harm to your eyes.

Do’s: Allocate separate space for your pets, you can design or buy these cute pet houses which your pets can sleep. Also, this can keep your pets from sleeping elsewhere on your expensive furniture. Make sure to clean your floor and furniture so that the furs of your pets do not stick your furniture or floor.

Decorating your houses all depends on your creative ideas and efforts to maintain it that way.