There is nothing as upsetting as a camera that can’t keep up with the outdoors when doing the activities that you are so passionate about. A camera that gives you shaky images, poor quality shots and a dying battery are standard features of most cameras. Coleman Xtreme camera is a one that was designed to give you the best outdoor photography experience. Here is a quick look at its features.

Crystal clear lenses

Zoom that is designed to capture events as far as possible; The camera’s excellent optics will capture a bird high in the sky or a shark in the middle of the waters or do any other outdoor activity you want them to. If you are on a trip where you are racing and want to capture each other’s photos from the other car, this smart camera will peek in any speeding car and will take a photo 1-kilo meter away. Researchers who go to the wild and any lovers of the outdoors will love this camera.

Since the Coleman Xtreme camera was created specifically for the outdoor, you may not get good quality photographs if you take them from the indoors.

Waterproof technology

The Coleman Xtreme camera is both waterproof and freezes proof. It can handle freezing temperatures up to 14 degrees F/- 10 degrees C. You can sink with it deep in the waters to around 33 feet, and the camera will still perform. You can also snorkel and capture your skiing activities without the screen freezing.

Anti-shake technology

You can capture quality videos and pictures while running, jump, climbing, swimming or doing any other shaky action. The camera is designed with an excellent ISO sensitivity and speedy shutters to enable clear quality even when shaking.

Editing software

This means that you can record your video while at the beach, edit it and post it on social media or send it wherever you want to immediately.


You don’t expect that something that can stand the rushing waters, go to the peak of a mountain or handle any outdoor activity can wear out fast. Coleman Extreme camera is durable. It is something you will hand down to your children. With good care, the camera can last for over 10 years. So if you are a senior, your children’s children might also use it. But to keep it for this long you must care for it very well.


The Coleman Xtreme camera is not a professional camera to take model pictures or do other professional stuff. But if you are looking for a handy piece of device that gives you quality photographs during your outdoor activities then this is a great camera for you.